01/24/2017  STATUS
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Impact of Food Intake Timing on Metabolic Health and Cancer Risk.”

Dr. Marinac is Postdoctoral Fellow at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health.  She received her PhD from the UC San Diego/San Diego State University Joint Doctoral Program in Public Health in 2016, with an emphasis in health behavior. Her research is broadly focused on studying the influence of lifestyle factors such as dietary patterns, sleep, and weight control on cancer risk, as well as understanding how lifestyle factors contribute to the heterogeneity within cancer types. Dr. Marinac was the recipient of a National Research Service Award to study influence of meal timing on metabolic pathways linked to breast cancer risk and prognosis, and recently co-led a project aimed at developing and piloting new approaches to evaluate the role that the timing of energetic behaviors (e.g., meals) have on circadian rhythms and cancer in population-based studies. Dr. Marinac also has a growing interest in the epidemiology of rare cancers such as multiple myeloma, and is pursuing funding to undertake a molecular epidemiology project aimed at understanding the influence of obesity on multiple myeloma tumor biology.