03/28/2017  STATUS
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“Predictive analytics for personalized treatment and care for hypertensive and diabetic patients”.

Sagar Kamarthi is an Associate Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Northeastern University, Boston. He is the founding director of MS in Data Analytics Engineering program at Northeastern. He teaches courses in manufacturing, data mining, and machine learning. His research interests are in process monitoring for diagnostics and prognostics and predictive analytics for connected and personalized healthcare. His current engineering research project is focused on developing equipment condition monitoring for high equipment readiness and utilization. His current healthcare projects include:  prediction of physical activity level through Fitbit data, prediction of A1C levels in diabetic patients, recommendation of personalized treatment for hypertensive patients, diagnose high-risk NASH in NAFLD patients using clinician approved metrics generated by ultrasound-based elastography and routine clinical/demographic variables. He has published more than 190 articles in internationally reputed journal and conference proceedings and has secured several research grants from the federal funding agencies.