ITA researchers, working with a colleague in the MGH Emergency Department, recently won The North East Cerebrovascular Consortium’s Stroke Tank: Pitch it to the Judges! contest. The contest was part of the recent 12th Annual Summit on October 26-27.

Their winning pitch was Pre-hospital triage decisions for patients with suspected stroke due to severe large vessel occlusion stroke: A decision analytic modeling cost-effectiveness study. They received an additional $10,000 to further their research on the topic. Their goal is to create a mathematical model, and mobile application to help emergency medical technicians (EMTs) make important decisions in the field when working with suspected stroke patients. The app will ask EMTs a series of questions that, coupled with patient location, will help determine the best hospital to transport the patient.

Team members include:

  • Kori Sauser Zachrison, MD, MSc, Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, MGH
  • Patrick Eschenfeldt, PhD; MGH Institute for Technology Assessment
  • Ayman Ali, BS; MGH Institute for Technology Assessment
  • Chin Hur, MD, MPH; MGH Department of Medicine and MGH Institute for Technology Assessment

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(THE CONVERSATION) Almost 620,000 gay and bisexual men in the United States were living with HIV in 2014, and 100,000 of these men were not even aware of their infection. These men are 100 times more likely to have anal cancer than HIV-negative men who exclusively have sex with women. Yet, no national screening guidelines exist for anal cancer prevention in any population.  Read More

Authors: Ashish A. Deshmukh, University of Florida; Elizabeth Chiao, Baylor College of Medicine; Jagpreet Chhatwal, Harvard Medical School , and Scott B. Cantor, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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PCORT Alumni Inga T. Lennes, MD, MPH, MBA and Kelly E. Irwin, MD, were honored along with Carrie Lubitz, MD, MPH (and 97 others) by the Mass General Cancer Center at their annual gala. 

Dr. Lennes, now Senior Vice President Performance Improvement and Service Excellence for the MGPO was honored as "a compassionate clinician and accomplished administrator". She was in the PCORT class of 2011.

Dr. Irwin, who completed her fellowship in 2017,  was honored for "playing a major role in shaping the way that today's healthcare system works with cancer patients who suffer from severe mental illness".

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