Pari Pandharipande, MD, MPH Director, ITA
Chin Hur, MD, MPH Associate Director, ITA
G. Scott Gazelle, MD, MPH, PhD Director Emeritus

Principal Investigators

Jagpreet Chhatwal, Ph.D Senior Scientist
H. Benjamin Harvey, MD, JD Senior Scientist
Amy Knudsen, PhD Senior Scientist
Chung Yin (Joey) Kong, PhD Director of Scientific Computing
Carrie C. Lubitz, MD, MPH Senior Scientist
Mary Linton B. Peters, MD, MS Senior Scientist
J. Shannon Swan, MD Senior Scientist

Affiliated Researchers

Bonnie B. Blanchfield, CPA, ScD Senior Scientist, Center for Clinical Innovation, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Karen Donelan, ScD Senior Scientist, Mongan Institute for Health Policy at MGH
Jonathan Eisenberg, MD Resident, Yale University School of Medicine
Alexander Göhler, MD, PhD, MSc, MPH Resident, Dept of Radiology, Yale University School of Medicine
Richard W. Grant, MD, MPH Research Scientist II, Division of Research, Kaiser Permanente Northern California
Elkan F. Halpern, PhD Statistical Consultant
Curtis Heberle, BS Programmer
Udo Hoffmann, MD Chief, Cardiac Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital
Sagar Kamarthi, PhD Visiting Scientist
Janie Lee, MD, MS Associate Professor, Radiology, University of Washington School of Medicine
James Meigs, MD, MPH Co-Director of the MGH Clinical Research Program’s Clinical Effectiveness Research Group
Kathryn Lowry, MD Radiology Research Fellow
Elissa Ozanne, PhD Associate Professor, Population Health Sciences, The Univ. of Utah
James Stahl, MD, CM, MPH Associate Professor of Medicine, Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine
Uwe Siebert, MD, MPH, MSc, ScD Chair of the Department of Public Health and Health Technology Assessment at UMIT, Austria
Hannah Wong, PhD Assistant Professor at the School of Health Policy & Management at Canada's York University
Alvin Jeon, BS Research Associate
Matthew Klebanoff, BA Research Associate
Tiana Raphel, BA Medical Student
Natalie Stump, BS Medical Student
Rebecca Miksad, MD, MPH Senior Medical Director, Research Oncology at Flatiron Health

Research Staff

Angela Tramontano, MPH Senior Research Associate
Ayman Ali, BS Programmer Analyst
Xi Chen, MPH Research Associate
Steven Criss, BS Research Associate
Yufan Chen, MPH Research Associate
Jin Choi, BS Research Associate
Andrew Eckel, MS Programmer
Minyi Lee, BS Research Associate
Anna Lietz, BA Research Associate
Lauren Palazzo, BA Research Associate
Deirdre Sheehan, MPH Program Manager
Davis Weaver, BS Research Associate
Tiannan (Tia) Zhan, MS Research Associate


Emily Bethea, MD Fellow, Gastroenterology Unit at MGH
Qiushi Chen, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School
Patrick Eschenfeldt, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School
Peter P. Mueller, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School
Sassan Ostvar, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School
Sumeyye K. Samur, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School

Administrative Staff

Emily Dowling, MHS Program Manager
Mary Ann (M. A. ) Ladd, BS Systems Manager
Chrishanae Neal, BA Staff Assistant II
Sarah O'Shaughnessy, BA Assistant to Scott Gazelle